Local Information

Location, Accommodation, Dinner

The workshop will take place in Zurich, Switzerland.


Zurich is exceptionally well-connected and can conveniently be reached by rail, road and air. Zurich has one of the best public transport systems in the world and the workshop location can easily be reached by public transport from Zurich main station (HB) and the airport.

We recommend that you buy a ticket, valid 24 hours for the whole city of Zurich (“Zone 10”). Please note that only ticket machines on the train stations accept credit cards, all other machines work with cash only. So keep some change with you.

If you arrive at the airport: The easiest way to get to the hotels is to take the tram (line 10, direction “Zürich HB”).  Simply follow the signs saying “Tram.”  There are ticket machines and a change machine for euros right outside when you exit the airport.  Buy a ticket to “Zürich” (note that the airport is in a different fare zone than the city of Zuric).

If you stay longer in Zurich and want to do some tourism we recommend the 3 day Zurich Card. It is valid for all transportation in Zurich and surroundings (including Airport, Uetliberg and other tourist attractions) plus free admission to over 40 museums. The card is also available as a one day ticket. Check the ZVV website for more information about tickets.

Read more about museums, shopping, nightlife and the history of Zurich.

A dinner will be arranged at the end of the workshop, and will be paid for individually by the participants.